Washable Air Filters VS Disposable Air Filters

Most know that air filters are there to help keep our heating and cooling systems running smoothly and efficiently.  The thing about air filters is that when they’re dirty, they can’t do their job. That goes for both Washable Air Filters and Disposable Air Filters.  Purpose The purpose of an air filter is to filter […]

Why a Filter Subscription Service?

Why a Filter Subscription Service? Having a Direct Filter Express subscription service is the one subscription that you won’t be disappointed with.  You know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it and why you’re getting it. What When you order from Direct Filter Express you can trust you are getting a quality product.  You choose […]

MERV Rating

Did you know that not all furnace filters are created equal?  That’s right, there is a rating system in place that is used to show the efficiency of the filter. One of the most common used rating system is often referred to as a MERV rating. What does a MERV Rating Mean? Minimum Efficiency Reporting […]

How Can Direct Filter Express Help You

In today’s busy world, changing your homes furnace filter can often easily slip your mind.  We understand how life gets busy and filters likely don’t stay on top of the “to-do” list.  We at Direct Filter Express have created a solution to this very important (yet, easy to forget) problem.  The solution, we get the […]

Air Quality Inside Your Home

Did You Know That The Air Inside Your Home Is Actually Dirtier Than The Air Outside Your Home? Those nasty contaminants like dust, pollen, pet dander, mold and even dust mites (gross) are trapped inside your house; living the life of luxury. Every time you walk across your carpet or shake out a blanket you […]

Air Filters and Utility Costs?

You Can Save In Utility Cost, Just By Regular Filter Changes Air filters get dirty, it’s the nature of the beast.  After a while dust and debris begin to build up on the filter and can restrict the air flowing through your unit. This causes the HVAC unit to work harder to maintain a sufficient air […]

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