Multi-Pleat™ XL11

MERV 11 Extended Surface
Pleated Panel Filters


  • Upgrade from standard pleated filter
  • MERV 11 performance rating
  • Dual-Layered filter media
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Sturdy double-wall frame design
  • Moisture resistant beverage board frame
  • Low pressure drop
  • Superior Efficiency
  • Available in 1”, 2” and 4” depths

Multi-Pleat XL11

The Koch Multi-Pleat XL11 is a medium efficiency extended surface pleated panel filter, engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies and better overall performance than standard pleated filters.
The Multi-Pleat XL11 carries a MERV 11 fractional efficiency rating in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2. The filter will also provide an Initial Dust Spot Efficiency of 45%, and an Average Dust Spot Efficiency of 55-60% in accordance with ASRAE Rest Standard 52.1.
The MERV 11 efficiency ratings provided by the Multi-Pleat XL11 make the filter an excellent upgrade from disposable filters and ordinary pleated filters in applications such as hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical

Multi-Pleat XL11 Construction

The Multi-Pleat XL11 is produced with a highly specialized, dual-layered 100% synthetic media, developed by Koch Filter specifically for use in extended surface air filters. The new media is composed of an upstream electrostatically enhanced layer (the E-layer), and a downstream mechanical layer (the M-layer).
The dual-layered construction of Multi-Pleat Series XL11 overcomes a common problem found in single-layered electrostatically charged filters. In filters produced with single-layered media,
the effectiveness of the electrostatically charged media decreases over time as the filter becomes dirty and the charge dissipates. As the effectiveness of the electrostatically enhanced E-layers decreases, the downstream mechanical M-layer takes over.

Air Quality – Merv 11