In today’s busy world, changing your homes furnace filter can often easily slip your mind.  We understand how life gets busy and filters likely don’t stay on top of the “to-do” list.  We at Direct Filter Express have created a solution to this very important (yet, easy to forget) problem.  The solution, we get the filters to your door step; which as a bonus, acts as a reminder to change your filter!

There is no contract, you are able to cancel any time, but why would anyone want to?  No more trying to remember when you actually last changed your filter.  Driving to the store and hunting for the correct filter size is in the past.

When you order with Direct Filter Express it makes your life easier.  We have created a user friendly website where you can order any size filter, (including custom sizes).  You choose how often you would like filters delivered.  For example every 30 days, 90 days etc. And the correct filter comes to you.  Also, did we mention shipping is Free!   

Still on the fence about how and what to order?

Visit our website, we have step by step instructions and information to help you make the best filter decisions that will work best for your home. You will also find helpful tools and information explaining the different types of filters to choose from in our Q&A tab. Home Environment such as if there are pets, asthma, allergies and smoking within the home.

If you have a question that is not addressed on our website, simply call us toll free 1 (888)-260-5495 or leave us a message. We are here to help and appreciate getting feedback from customers.  

Give Direct Filter Express a try! Your furnace will thank you.

Experience Clean Air With On-Time Changes Without the Hassle
Due to high demand, we are no longer accepting any new orders from outside the state of Idaho. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.